Teaching, facilitating and training

DHA has provided training and seminars for residents, frontline staff, managers, senior management teams, board members and local authority members. We are always happy to provide training courses to meet your organisation’s specific needs. We have a team of specialists with a considerable number of years of teaching and facilitation experience behind them.

We also design bespoke courses to meet the particular needs of clients. Here are examples of some of the courses we have run.

Inspection and reviews

  • Audit Commission inspection preparation – (short and long notice)
    • Data and evidence gathering
    • Validation of KLOE gap analysis (self assessment against the KLOEs)
    • Running inspection focus groups
    • How to build a portfolio of evidence
    • AC self assessment – getting your message across
  • How to undertake Best Value Reviews - developing a methodology and using it

Skills for staff

  • Customer care – high level communication skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Team building and team skills
  • Body language and communication skills
  • How to undertake consultation activities
  • How to plan projects and evidence the impact of resident involvement in your service area

General courses for staff and managers

  • Equality and diversity
  • Housing finance
  • Complaints handling
  • Estate based housing management
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Allocations and lettings
  • Value for Money
  • Income management
  • Supporting People
  • Options appraisal
  • Designing and using surveys, interview techniques, and writing reports
  • Developing and undertaking telephone surveys
  • Leaseholder services - best practice
  • Embedding value for money - a practical guide

Resident involvement

  • Running resident auditor projects
  • Mystery shopping
  • Metaplanning and pinpoint consultation approaches
  • The resident involvement KLOE
  • Housing Corporation Involvement Policy requirements
  • Repairs and maintenance: involving residents
  • Participation and involvement
  • Why participate? Costs and benefits to residents
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Impact assessment and value for money in resident involvement
  • Structures and restructuring resident involvement

Skills for residents

  • Running meetings
  • Committee skills and chairing skills
  • Running effective workshops
  • Assertiveness
  • Team building and team skills
  • Body language and communication skills
  • Being a board member
  • Scrutiny and review – key skills
  • Running metaplanning focus groups
  • Mystery shopping
  • Managing projects
  • Inspection and auditing
  • Planning and undertaking telephone surveys
  • High level communication skills
  • Understanding housing finance
  • Getting to grips with value for money


  • Governance (general)
  • Being a board member
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Risk management
  • Assertiveness and high level communication skills
  • Scrutiny and review: key skills
  • Roles and performance – the team
  • Board effectiveness
  • Inspection for board members