DHA Consultancy Ltd. is an independent housing consultancy based in the Southwest of England but operating throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland. We provide consultancy, research and training services for RSLs, Councils, Government, strategic bodies and voluntary organisations.

We work with our clients to identify their precise needs and then develop, in partnership, a range of solutions and support to enable them to reach their goals. This could be anything from achieving a 3 star inspection result to implementing a new structure or service.

The services we offer include

  • Carrying out reviews and inspections across all or part of your services
  • Teaching staff and/or service users to undertake reviews and inspections
  • Delivering a range of teaching and training options across all service areas from customer care and resident involvement to performance management and risk frameworks
  • Helping staff teams to work better, and assisting residents working in the involvement structure to develop their skills
  • Providing coaching and support for individual staff, managers or residents
  • Supporting you to make the changes that have already been identified, for example from a recent Audit Commission Inspection, by offering advice, access to examples of good practice and supplying you with benchmarking information
  • Supporting you in the role of a critical friend, for example in the validation of investigations and reviews
  • Supporting the development of good governance and effective boards